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Hamster Health

Hamster with wet tail

Hamster Wet Tail

The condition known as “wet tail” is one of the most dreaded conditions that can occur in a pet hamster. Many hamsters die from...
Hamster Hibernating

Hamster Hibernation

A very common question among many hamster owners is: Do Hamsters Hibernate? Many hamster owners find their pets in a dormant state, and believe...
Healthy Hamster

Hamster Health Conditions

Caring for your hamster’s health requires a multi-faceted approach. To put it simply, a hamster’s health is largely dependent on the level of care...
A healthy hamster

Hamster Illnesses

Just like any other small pet, hamsters are susceptible to a number of health conditions. Due to their small size, illness in a hamster...
Young Hamster

Hamster Lifespan

Like any small pet, hamsters do have a relatively short average life span. This may vary slightly by breed, genetics and general upbringing. Most...