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Bulldog Care

Caring for a bulldog
Bulldog History Most historians theorize that the Bulldog was first bred in England, as a cross-breed between a Pug and a Mastiff. This is subject to debate, however, since the term ‘Bulldog’ was first used around 1568, and may have been used to reference other...

Shih Tzu Care

Shih-tzu breed care
Shih Tzu History The Shih Tzu is widely regarded to be one of the most ancient of the existing dog breeds, tracing its roots back to fossilized remains dated to approximately 10,000 years ago. The Shih Tzu is thought to have evolved from the same...

Poodle Care

Breed Care for Poodles
Poodle History Poodles were originally selectively bred to be retrieving dogs, also called ‘gun dogs’. The breed actually first originated in Germany, where it known as the ‘Canis Familiaris Aquatis’. However, the Poodle is also widely regarded as being the national dog of France. The...

Dachshund Care

Dachshund Breed Care
Dachshund History Many Dachshund experts believe that the origins of the Dachshund breed of dog actually date all the way back to ancient Egypt. This is based on engravings of short-legged hunting dogs that were discovered in Egypt, along with mummified Dachshunds that were encased...

Boxer Care

Dog Breed Boxer Care
Boxer History The Boxer dog is actually a breed of dog that was first developed from the now-extinct Bullenbeisser Mastiff dog. The Boxer’s origins can be traced back to Germany, when Bullenbeisser dogs were crossed with Bulldogs which were imported from Great Britain. Three German...

Golden Retriever Care

Dog Breed Golden Retriever Care
Golden Retriever History The Golden Retriever breed of dog was first developed in Scotland, though were not officially known as “Golden Retrievers” until 1920. The breed was first developed as a gun-dog, being bred to aid hunters in retrieving downed waterfowl. The original Golden Retriever...

German Shepherd Care

German Shepherd Care
German Shepherd History Historically speaking, the German Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, dating its breed origins at the year1899. The German Shepherd was first created when an effort in Germany was made to standardize certain dog breeds. Because of this, dogs were...

Beagle Care

Beagle Dog Care
Beagle History Most historians agree that the Beagle can trace its origins to Ancient Greece, around the 5th century BC. This is based on several references to small hounds that hunted their game by scent, and were followed on foot by hunters. Small hounds were...

Caring for a Yorkshire Terrier

Dog Breed Yorkshire Terrier Care
Yorkshire Terrier History The Yorkshire Terrier first originated in Yorkshire, England. Immigrants from Scotland began bringing several breeds of small terriers to Yorkshire. It’s said that breeding of the Yorkshire Terrier breed was accomplished through a combined effort of many early dog breeders , though details...