Poodle History

Poodles were originally selectively bred to be retrieving dogs, also called ‘gun dogs’. The breed actually first originated in Germany, where it known as the ‘Canis Familiaris Aquatis’. However, the Poodle is also widely regarded as being the national dog of France. The name ‘Poodle’ comes from the German word ‘Pudel’, which means ‘to splash in the water’. The practice of decoratively shaving a Poodle’s fur first started as an attempt to increase the breed’s effectiveness when swimming in the water. Particularly in France, the practice of pattern clipping Poodle dogs became quite popular.

Poodle Appearance

The Poodle is characterized by a curly, dense coat of fur that can come in a variety of solid colors. Poodles only have a single-layered coat, which is why their fur is sometimes referred to as ‘hair’. Solid-colored Poodles are the only type of Poodles that are allowed to participate in dog shows, as a combination of colors is widely viewed as being a breed defect. If a Poodle is two or more colors, they are referred to with the term ‘Parti’. Poodles are generally athletic dogs, though are often over-indulged by their owners, and may become obese.

Poodle Temperament

Poodles are widely viewed as being the most intelligent breed of dog among all other dog breeds. However, because of this, a Poodle may become easily bored. They require constant interaction in order for their emotional needs to be satisfied, sometimes resorting to destructive behavior out of lack of interaction. Poodles are also very playful, and are very keen to follow their selectively bred hunting instincts. Poodles thrive on human interaction, and easily are able to adapt to new environments.

Poodle Grooming

The Poodle’s coat only consists of a single layer, and has a very low instance of shedding. Poodles are often referred to as ‘hypoallergenic’ dogs, since they do not shed excessively. However, a Poodle’s coat still requires regular grooming. Since a Poodle’s coat is so dense, it also needs to be washed on a regular basis with specialized dog care shampoo. This helps to prevent dead skin and shed hair from being trapped against the skin, which can cause bacteria to grow. A shampoo for long-haired dogs works best for Poodles, which can be purchased in the pet care section of most pet supply stores.

Poodle Training

Training a Poodle is fairly simple, due to the high intelligence of this breed. Since they are very versatile, a Poodle will be able to pick up any new training commands after only a few repetitions. However, it’s still important to keep a Poodle’s attention during the traiing process. Since Poodles are easily bored, it’s highly recommended that you keep their attention with constant food-based treat rewards. This tactic is one of the methods implemented by clicker training, which is a training program that relies primarily on positive reinforcement. Potty training a Poodle is usually accomplished in a short amount of time, though it is still important to repeat a potty training program several times in order to ensure that it is implemented properly.

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