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Hamster in his hideout

Hamster Hideouts

Hamsters are lovable, playful and energetic pets, being very popular among pet enthusiasts worldwide. Caring for a hamster involves a lot of attention to...
Choose a larger hamster cage

Larger Hamster Cages

Purchasing a home for your hamster is very important, especially when choosing a size. By larger cage we mean anything over 360 sq inches...
Small Hamster Cage

Smaller Hamster Cages

Hamsters should have a minimum 288 sq inches (e.g. 24' x 12') of floor space, not including upper levels. We recommended a floor space...
Hamster on his wheel

Hamster Accessories

One of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for your new hamster can be decorating their cage. There are many different hamster accessories available...