Hamsters are lovable, playful and energetic pets, being very popular among pet enthusiasts worldwide. Caring for a hamster involves a lot of attention to detail, especially when furnishing your hamster’s cage. Hamsters love to hide and nest within small structures, since they have a strong nesting instinct in the wild. A great way to make your hamster more comfortable in their cage is to add a small hamster hideout. There are many different hamster hideouts available, though purchasing the right one for your hamster may take a bit of careful consideration.

Benefits of a Hamster Hideout

By giving your hamster a small space in their cage to hide, you will increase their feeling of security. This can help your hamster to feel more comfortable interacting with you, and may even help to discourage aggressive behavior. A hamster hideout gives your hamster a place to “nest”, where they feel safe and secure.

Plastic: When purchasing a plastic hamster hideout, it’s very important that you choose carefully. Some hamster hideouts are manufactured by companies that do not specialize in pet supplies, and may contain harmful ingredients. Be sure that the plastic used to make your hamster hideout is non-toxic, and doesn’t contain any harmful additives. Remember that your hamster loves to chew, and may ingest small pieces of the plastic hideout. In addition to this, choose a plastic that is odor and stain free, since this will make cleaning your hamster’s cage much easier.

Wood: Having a wood hamster hideout is a great way to provide a hideout for your hamster, and a chewing source as well! Just like many other rodents, hamsters love to chew, and do require chewing toys or objects in order to remain healthy. By giving your hamster a wooden hideout, you are taking care of your hamster’s dental health. However, when choosing a wooden hideout for your hamster, it’s best if you use caution. Never purchase a wooden hideout that has been treated with chemical lacquers, paint, toxic ink or other substances that could be damaging to your hamster if ingested.

Multiple Levels: If you wish, you can purchase a hamster hideout with multiple levels. This gives your hamster a degree of versatility when using the hideout, and may feel more like a “den” for your hamster. Some hideouts also include tunnel systems that can be connected to additional hideouts for your hamster.


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