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Training Tips

Dog training school

Must Know Dog Training Tips

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Advanced Training

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Dog Agility Training

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Dog Training

Obedience Dog Training

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Training Essentials

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Dog Training Collars

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Dog Training Supplies – Everything you Need to Start Training

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Dog Training Leashes

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The Need for Good Training

To understand how to train a dog, you need to understand the reasons behind your dog’s specific behavioral traits. You need to think like a dog!

Dogs are not like humans, and may exhibit behavior that is “bad” when not properly trained. In order to avoid this, it’s important that you know how to train your dog correctly and efficiently. Here is a general guide to help familiarize you with the process of dog training, and the methods you can use to understand how to train a dog.


Many people fail to realize that an important part of understanding how to train a dog involves socialization. Socialization is just as much a part of dog training as obedience-related commands. The concept of socialization is fairly simple: expose your dog to as many situations, events and environments as possible. Dogs that are not properly socialized at a young age will tend to be fearful of new situations, which may cause aggressive or defensive behavior. This is also one of the most important concepts to understand about how to train a puppy, since puppies will be the most open to a socialization dog training program.

How to Socialize a Dog

To socialize your dog, begin by first making it a point to bring them outside of the house each day. Take them for walks in areas with a lot of people, such as a park or crowded street. Make sure your dog is well-behaved enough so that they can interact in these environments without getting excited. You can even take your dog to designated “play-dates” with friends or family. Simply explain to them how to train a dog, and how socialization is a very important part of that training. It’s best to do this when your dog is still a puppy, since they are more prone to being open to new experiences. The concept of “how to train a dog” involves the willingness to expose your dog to new activities.

Puppy Training

Aside from socializing a puppy with the outside world, it’s also very important to start a home puppy training program as soon as your puppy becomes a member of your household. Puppies are open to learning new things, and will respond best if you begin establishing their role at an early age. When understanding how to train a puppy, it’s important that you are extremely patient. Not all puppies are able to understand commands right away, and may require some time to become acquainted with their new home.

How to Train a Puppy

Spend at least 4 hours with your puppy each day, though this time should not be dedicated entirely to training. Take your puppy out into the yard, engaging in healthy outdoor playtime. You can also help expend some of their seemingly limitless energy by taking a quick jog around the yard, while having them harnessed on a leash. When understanding how to train a dog, it’s important that you are first familiar with how to train a puppy.

Potty Training

Potty training is one of the most important parts of understanding how to train a dog. Proper dog training also involves potty training, since it involves the teaching of desired behavior. How to train a dog (correctly) to be potty trained involves patience, timing and a willingness to ignore accidents. Though it’s natural to be upset when your new puppy decides to go to the bathroom on the carpet, knowing how to train a dog also involves knowing when to let small accidents go.

How to Potty Train a Dog

The best way to understand how to train a dog to go to the bathroom outdoors is through crate training. Most dogs will respond well to crate training, and will be able to be potty trained in a few weeks. This is also dependent on your dog’s rate of learning. A lot of knowing how to train a dog involves being patient with your dog’s ability to understand new concepts, such as potty training. Use the crate to confine your dog when you aren’t able to watch them, which will prevent early accidents.

How to Train a Dog – Playtime

Another important part of understanding how to train a dog involves being willing to engage in playtime. Just like humans, dogs need some time to play and relax. In order to make obedience training more effective, you need to understand that knowing how to train a dog will also require you to designate a period of time each day to playing with your dog. Having this time to relax with your dog will not only teach you how to train your dog more effectively, it can help you to de-stress as well.

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