Dogs are fairly active animals, and will usually require a good deal of exercise in order to remain healthy. To form the best possible relationship with your dog, proper training is very important. Without training, your dog will not be able to discern between good and bad behavior. This may cause difficulties when attempting to establish a strong bond with your dog. House training is often cited as being one of the most essential parts of dog training, since it is often one of the most difficult. However, understanding how to train a dog to be house trained can be easily accomplished by following a few simple tips.

TIP # 1 – Be patient

When house training a dog, it’s extremely important for you to be patient. Remember that puppies have a limited amount of bladder control, and may sometimes not be able to make it outdoors in time. Be understanding with your dog, and avoid punishing your dog from going to the bathroom indoors. Many dogs associate that type of punishment only with the act of going to the bathroom, and won’t fully understand why they’re being punished.

Many dog owners make the mistake of yelling or spanking their dogs for indoor bathroom accidents. Instead, it’s best to immediately take your dog outdoor after the bathroom event. While you are with them, have another person remove the accident, as well as any trace of its smell on your floor, carpet or furniture. If your dog goes to the bathroom outdoors during this time, be sure to offer them a treat and a good deal of praise.

TIP # 2 – Use a Crate

Dog house training is much easier to accomplish when you use a crate as part of your training program. A crate can be used in early house training, but remember: crates should never be used as a method of punishment! Make your dog’s crate comfortable, and encourage them to use the crate as their own personal sanctuary.

TIP # 3 – After Meal Time

Most dogs will have to go to the bathroom after their daily scheduled mealtimes. This can help you to establish a set routine when your dog will be outside. For the first few times, go with your dog outdoors, keeping them on a leash. When they relieve themselves, give them treats and a lot of praise! After this has been repeated several times, you will eventually be able to let your dog outdoors on their own.


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