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Breed Care

Panda Bear Hamsters

Panda Bear Hamster
The Panda Bear hamster is an adorable relative of the Syrian hamster, which is most well-known for its distinctive fur coloration. Technically, Panda Bear hamsters are simply Syrian hamsters that have been selected for their black and white coats. As their name suggests, the...

Black Bear Hamsters

Black Bear Hamster on carpet
Black Bear hamsters are a unique type of Syrian hamster. Black Bear hamsters are actually a type of Teddy Bear (or long-haired Syrian) hamster that was originally bred for its black fur markings. Black Bear hamsters are fairly popular today for people that value...

Syrian Hamsters

Syrian Hamster looks back
The Syrian hamster is the most popular type of hamster worldwide. This is mostly due to the many different variations of the Syrian hamster breed. Syrian hamsters are the most common type of hamster seen in pet stores, often being kept in groups before...

Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf hamster in hand
The small hamsters known as “Dwarf Hamsters” are very popular among many pet lovers worldwide. Dwarf hamsters are often sought for their small size, which is a direct result of their genetic makeup. There are some differences between Dwarf hamsters and other species of...

Golden Hamsters

Syrian or golden hamster
The Golden Hamster (often times called the Syrian hamster) is the most popular species of hamster for small pet owners. Golden hamsters are easy to care for, easy to breed and fairly inexpensive for small pet owners to keep. However, many people get confused...

Teddy Bear Hamsters

Teddy bear Hamster
The teddy bear hamster is a variety of Syrian hamster with a long, luxurious coat of fur. Teddy bear hamsters are among the most popular types of hamster for many small pet owners, being prized for their soft and furry appearance. Whats in the name? There...

Roborovski Hamsters

Roborovski hamster hamster in bowl
Roborovski hamsters are the smallest type of hamster, even among other Dwarf-type hamsters. As such, they are very popular among many hamster owners. Roborovski hamsters are adorable, sociable and fairly easy to care for. However, there are a few notable differences between Roborovski hamsters...