The small hamsters known as “Dwarf Hamsters” are very popular among many pet lovers worldwide. Dwarf hamsters are often sought for their small size, which is a direct result of their genetic makeup. There are some differences between Dwarf hamsters and other species of hamsters other than size, however. Dwarf Hamsters are unique in many ways, which is one of the reason that they are a favorite among many hamster owners.

Color: One of the main differences between Dwarf Hamsters and the more widespread Syrian Hamster is color. Syrian hamsters are available in a wide variety of colors, which may also include a number of markings, tones, variations and other features. The Dwarf Hamster, on the other hand, does not generally display this level of variety, as far as color. It is a generally accepted fact that Dwarf Hamsters are not usually seen in as many color variations as some other species of hamsters.

Behavior: Another difference between Dwarf Hamsters and many other hamster species is their behavior. As a general rule, hamsters are seen as being fairly independent pets. This means that many hamsters are able to exist comfortably with only a minimum amount of human interaction, especially if housed in a cage with at least one other hamster. Dwarf Hamsters, on the other hand, are generally thought to be much more sociable. It’s not clear if this has anything to do with their size, though some say it is a trait that has been present for many breeding generations.

Special Types: Some people believe that “Dwarf Hamster” simply refers to a hamster that is of small size. In reality, Dwarf Hamsters are of the genus “Phodopus”, in the hamster family of “Cricetidae”. There are three species that are generally classified as being Dwarf Hamsters:

  • Phodopus sungorus – This type of hamster is most commonly known as the Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster.
  • Phodopus roborovskii – This type of hamster is commonly referred to as Roborovski’s Dwarf Hamster, or Roborovski’s Desert Dwarf Hamster.
  • Phodopus campbelli – This hamster is generally called by the name Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster.

Lifespan: It’s not very well known among many pet owners that dwarf hamsters have a slightly shorter lifespan than most other species of hamsters. In fact, a Dwarf Hamster will generally not live longer than 2 years, with most Dwarf Hamsters living an average of 1.5 years.

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