Though many people may not know it, Poodles are cited as being the second most smartest dog among other breeds (according to a study titled “The Intelligence of Dogs”). This means that a Poodle is able to understand and recognize a new training command with less than 5 repetitions. However, this is not true of every Poodle, as some dogs may have specific temperaments that make training difficult. When understanding how to train a Poodle, it’s best if you first comprehend some of the unique behavioral traits of this breed. Here is some information on Poodle training to help you to better train your dog.

How to Train a Poodle Puppy

Poodle puppies are adorable, especially when they haven’t fully grown into their adult coat. Poodle puppies can also be quite energetic, which can make training a challenge. Due to their intelligence, a Poodle puppy may become easily bored during training if you do not have a good method to use to keep their attention. Training intelligent dogs may seem like it should be easier, but it can actually be more difficult! This is because your Poodle puppy will constantly be learning, both from you and from their experiences in your household.

Before anything else, teach your Poodle puppy his or her name. This can be accomplished by repeating your Poodle puppy’s name in a loud tone of voice that will command your puppy’s attention. If your puppy looks at you, give them a reward. If you repeat this a few times, your puppy will be able to understand that the verbal command that you are repeating is a call for their attention.

A Poodle puppy should be taught the basic training commands before anything else. This includes “Come”, “Sit”, “Lie Down” and “Stay”. However, one of the most important things to teach your Poodle puppy is the “Heel” command. Once your puppy has mastered this command, your Poodle training program will be much easier to complete. The “Heel” command gives you the ability to take your Poodle for walks safely, while still having complete control over their behavior.

How to Crate Train a Poodle

Since Poodles are easily able to recognize patterns in behavior, they will usually be fairly easy to crate train. However, some Poodles tend to have an independent “stubborn” streak that may make things slightly more difficult. In order to make crate training much easier, it’s best if you choose your Poodle’s crate carefully. Size is very important, as a good crate should feel cozy enough so that it evokes your Poodle’s “den” instincts. However, the crate should still be just large enough so that your Poodle can sit, stand up and lie down without feeling claustrophobic.

To help your Poodle to feel comfortable in the crate, it’s best if you do a bit of “decorating”. Choose some soft bedding material for the bottom of the crate, ideally a bed that your dog has previously slept on. This can help your Poodle to feel comfortable in the crate, since it already contains your dog’s scent. After this, place a few of your Poodle’s favorite toys in and around the crate. Remember, you want your Poodle to feel like their crate is their own personal “sanctuary”. A dog will thrive in an environment that still gives them a small space to have to themselves.

How to House Train a Poodle

Due to their intelligence, Poodles are said to be fairly easy to house train. The main problem that you have to deal with when house training a Poodle is that they can be a bit headstrong. Here are some tips for how to house train a Poodle.

It’s best if you begin house training your Poodle at a fairly young age, ideally while they are still less than six months old. The first six months of your Poodle’s life are some of the most important in training. You can use a crate to effectively house train your Poodle, since this is cited to be an effective method. Confine your Poodle puppy to the crate while they are left unattended, in order to avoid “accidents”. After a short period of time, take your Poodle outdoors, where they will most likely go to the bathroom. If repeated a few times, your Poodle will eventually understand that it is only acceptable to go to the bathroom outside.

Poodle Training Tips

Poodles are often said to be very “adaptable”, which means that they are easily able to adapt to changing situations. This is one of the main reasons why Poodles make great pets, since they are willing to accept change. However, it is still important to properly socialize your dog, as nothing can replace proper Poodle training. Poodles will form a strong bond with their owners, as long as their training program incorporates primarily positive reinforcement tactics.

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