Proper dog training requires that you have the right tools to help your dog to learn quickly and efficiently. Leash training a dog is extremely important, since it helps to form a strong bond between dog and owner. In addition to this, a properly leash trained dog will be much easier to take outdoors. When attempting to figure out how to train your dog to walk on a leash, it’s important that you select the proper type of leash for your dog’s temperament. Some dogs will need a short leash, since this gives you the maximum amount of control over an energetic dog. Puppies, on the other hand, will be best trained by short, gentle corrections while being trained to walk on a leash. Here is a short guide to some of the different types of dog training leashes you may choose for your dog.

Martingale Leash

A martingale leash is actually a combination of a collar and leash. This leash is best used for small dog breeds, since it has a self-tightening lead that also contracts the length of the attached collar when pulled. This type of leash is also used for show dogs, since it tends to keep a dog’s head upright in “show dog” position.

Standard Leash

For the average dog, a standard leash is versatile enough to be used both for training and everyday activities. Most standard leashes are from four to eight feet in length, though there are a few that exceed eight feet in length. Most standard leashes are made of nylon, and are rated in a way that designates the weight of the dog that they can support.

Adjustable Leash

A leash that is called an “Adjustable Leash” is usually simply a standard leash that is able to be adjusted to be shorter or longer in length. These leashes are useful when training, since they can be “locked” at a set length. In some cases, an adjustable leash may also be used to attach your dog to a bench, pole or other object. This may be useful when taking your dog for walks, since it allows you to have control over your dog while not directly holding on to the leash. However, it’s best if you don’t leave your dog tied for extended periods of time.

Retractable Leash

Retractable leashes are rapidly becoming more popular among many dog owners. They are compact, with the leash retracting up into the handle when a small button is pushed. These leashes give a dog owner the maximum amount of control over a dog.


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