Yorkshire Terrier History

The Yorkshire Terrier first originated in Yorkshire, England. Immigrants from Scotland began bringing several breeds of small terriers to Yorkshire. It’s said that breeding of the Yorkshire Terrier breed was accomplished through a combined effort of many early dog breeders

, though details on the exact origins of the Yorkshire Terrier breed are fairly scarce. It was not until the 1860’s that a single dog was finally defined as having the traits that were officially recognized as being a Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkshire Terrier Appearance

Yorkshire Terriers are a small breed of dog, usually weighing under 7 lbs. The coat of a Yorkshire Terrier is long, glossy and silky. Traditionally, the coat of a Yorkshire Terrier is parted in a single line down the back, all the way to the tail. The Yorkshire Terrier has small ears that are partially erect. Though the tail of the Yorkshire Terrier was often docked in the past, today it is generally accepted for Yorkshire Terriers to have longer tails.

Yorkshire Terrier Temperament

The Yorkshire Terrier is generally viewed as being a very bold, impulsive dog breed. Despite their small size, most Yorkshire Terriers can display marked aggressive behavior towards strangers and other dogs. This is one of the reasons that the Yorkshire Terrier is viewed as being a remarkably brave breed of dog, without the placid temperament that is often seen in many smaller dog breeds. The Yorkshire is very affectionate, and will remain loyal to their owner. However, Yorkshire Terriers are not recommended if you have small children, since they tend not to be very patient.

Yorkshire Terrier Grooming

The Yorkshire Terrier does not shed excessively, and many dog owners have claimed that it does not shed at all. However, maintenance of a Yorkshire Terrier’s coat can be very time-consuming, especially if you are grooming them to be of show quality. It’s best if you purchase special shampoo for a Yorkshire Terrier’s coat, which is usually available in the dog care section of most pet care supply stores. In order to maintain a long coat, the hair needs to be wrapped in tissue paper, plastic or rice paper in order to prevent breakage. This is traditionally done after the coat is ‘oiled’, which must then be washed out once a month. For standard care of a Yorkshire Terrier’s coat, the fur is usually trimmed short in order to avoid the high maintenance associated with a long coat.


Due to a Yorkshire Terrier’s fiercely independent temperament, training can be slightly difficult. However, with enough patience, it’s possible to train a Yorkshire Terrier using only positive reinforcement. It’s very important that you remain firm, persistent and gentle when training a Yorkshire Terrier. Perhaps the training procedure that many Yorkshire Terrier owners initially struggle with is potty training. Yorkshire Terriers are slightly difficult to potty train, so this should be done as soon as you adopt a Yorkshire Terrier into your home. When training a Yorkshire Terrier for basic dog commands, the most effective method is to give your dog plenty of praise for good

See an more in-depth Yorkie Training Guide here: https://petcareeducation.com/yorkie-training/

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