Properly toilet training your cat can be a great way to make pet care much easier. Many people are skeptical or unfamiliar with the concept of teaching your cat how to use the toilet. However, since cats are such intelligent animals, it is possible to utilize a training program in order to teach your cat to use the toilet. There are a few simple steps that you can follow in order to properly toilet-train your cat.

  1. Purchase a toilet training kit that is designed specifically for cats. These kits are usually available online, or may be carried by your local pet supply store. Most of these kits are relatively inexpensive, and include the tools you will need to properly toilet train your cat.
  2. The best way to familiarize your cat with the bathroom is to first place their litter box somewhere near the toilet. This will help your cat to become accustomed to the bathroom, and aid them in associating it with a room in which they can relieve themselves. It’s best to place your cat’s litter box directly next to the toilet, if possible. If your cat has trouble finding the litter box in its new location, it may be necessary to physically show them where it is.
  3. The next step is to begin the socialization process of your cat becoming accustomed to the toilet. Over several days, gradually raise the height of your cat’s litter box. This can be accomplished by using objects (such as books) to raise the litter box a few inches each day. Eventually, your cat will be able to reach the litter box at the same elevation as the toilet seat.
  4. At this time, it is now necessary to begin your cat’s transition to using the toilet. This can be done by using the tools provided in the cat toilet training kit. Most kits include a special litter pan which attaches to the toilet seat. This allows your cat to go to the bathroom in a familiar medium (litter box) while still becoming accustomed to the toilet. Most of these specialized litter pans also include rings, which can be removed each day as a cat makes progress in the training. It’s always best to keep the toilet litter-tray clean, to help minimize the spreading of bacteria.
  5. After your cat seems to become comfortable with the concept of using a toilet-based litter box, start removing the toilet litter box for a few hours each day. Most cats will easily transition from relieving themselves in the litter, to using the toilet for their bathroom needs.

This method works best if you give your cat an ample amount of time in order to properly adjust to the concept of using the toilet. Though cats are not as sensitive as some other animals to sudden changes in their environment, they may require some time in order to understand a potty training program. Observe how your cat is responding to your actions, and make any adjustments as necessary.


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