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Acana brand dog food is manufactured by Champion Pet Foods, a company based in Canada. In addition to manufacturing Acana dog food, Champion Pet Foods is also responsible for manufacturing Orijen brand dog food. Champion Pet Foods also makes both Acana and Orijen food formulas designed for the nutritional needs of cats. They are a family operated company, and have been in business for approximately 25 years. Acana brand dog food formulas are marketed as being a lower cost option for dog owners looking for a nutritious dog food formula. Many people often compare Acana to Orijen brand dog food, since both products are manufactured by the same company. However, Orijen dog food formulas tend to be a bit more expensive than Acana brand dog food formulas.

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Acana Dog Food Review

Acana brand dog food is manufactured from regional ingredients, usually containing from 40% to 65% meat (depending on the specific formula). The protein levels of Acana brand dog food formulas are from 29% – 34%. As far as carbohydrate ingredients, Acana can range from 28% to 30% carbohydrates. As a requirement, Acana contains three fresh meat ingredients (in contrast to some of the other dog food formulas manufactured by Champion Pet Foods). The percentage of fresh meat ingredients contained in Acana dog food ranges from 9% to 15%, depending on the formula. Most Acana dog food formulas are available in three separate bag sizes, which range in price from around $12 – $18 for the smallest size, $30 – $37 for the medium size, and $58 – $67 for the largest bag size.

Acana Dog Food Formulas:

Acana Regular

  1. Acana Puppy Small Breed
  2. Acana Puppy and Junior
  3. Acana Puppy Large Breed
  4. Acana Adult Small Breed
  5. Acana Adult
  6. Acana Lamb and Apple
  7. Acana Adult Large Breed
  8. Acana Sport and Agility
  9. Acana Light and Fit
  10. Acana Senior

Acana Grain-Free

  1. Acana Wild Prairie for Dog Dog Food
  2. Acana Pacifica for Dog Dog Food
  3. Acana Grasslands for Dog Dog Food

Acana Consumer Ratings

There are several factors that seem to influence whether or not a dog owner reported favorable results when feeding their dog Acana brand dog food. The first factor was taste, and how appealing the food was to a dog. Many dog owners reported that Acana brand dog food was readily consumed by their dogs, without any encouragement. A very small minority, however, reported that their dogs didn’t seem to finish their food portions with some of Acana’s grain-free formulas. Since grain-free formulas tend to be more filling, this could possibly have been because their dogs required smaller portion sizes.

Some dog owners reported that their dogs emitted gas on a regular basis when consuming Acana brand dog food. However, as a gastrointestinal problem, this seemed to be uncommon, and relatively mild. However, a few owners of smaller dogs reported that their dogs had trouble passing stools after being fed a diet of Acana brand dog food. This did not seem to be a complaint among owners of larger dog breeds. Many customers also rated the price of Acana dog food as a positive feature.


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