When thinking about adding a pet dog to your family, many potential dog owners consider adoption as a great source for their dog. Adoption is a wonderful thing to do for an animal, and many adopted dogs are some of the most rewarding pets that there are. However, adoption is not for everyone. If you are thinking about adopting a dog, consider the below material to help make your decision carefully. If you have already made up your mind, the information below will be a great deal of help to you.

There are three possibilities places to adopt a dog. The first, and perhaps the most well known, is your local animal shelter.

Animal Shelters

Many times these places run ads in the local newspaper, or post to local market websites such as Craigslist to try to find homes for the animals there.

Dogs usually end up in animal shelters because their previous owner was no longer able to look after them and they need a new home. These dogs are usually house trained and are used to being around people. But this isn’t always the case and you can discuss the background of any dog with staff at the shelter. If you have a young family it’s particularly important that you check the dog is used to being around children. Older dogs in particular who are not used to children can become agitated around boisterous children. And this can lead to biting.

If you don’t know what you want, you can pay a visit to the shelter and see if you feel a bond with any of the dogs there. The adoption fee is fairly cheap, and many times you can find them fixed and up to date with all their shots. Many people prefer choosing their dogs from shelters because they are sometimes euthanized if no home can be found.

Rescue Centre

You can adopt a dog through a rescue team or organization. The benefit of adopting a rescue dog is that you are almost guaranteed a healthy animal that has been taken care of since it’s rescue. Your dog will come with all of its shots, it will come fixed, and most organizations will even give you a “back-story” of how the dog was rescued. In many cases, your dog is matched with you based on your personality, and current living conditions. More often than not, the rescue agency will come and evaluate your home to make sure you are a capable provider. If you turn out to be okay in their books, than your dog will be shipped to you within a few weeks.

Adopting a dog from a rescue centre is very rewarding but not for everyone. If you’re thinking of going down this route please read our guide to adopting a rescue dog

Private Adoption

The last place you can adopt a dog is by going through private owners. There are many cases where families or individuals purchased a dog with the best intentions. However, they are unable or unwilling to provide for it, and are now seeking to get rid of the dog. Sometimes the owners will post in the paper, but many times they simply ask around. If you are looking for a dog by this route, simply make it known to friends and family. There is a good chance word will get around and you may find a match.

Pet Care with an Adopted Dog

Caring for an adopted dog is going to have a few differences than caring for normal dogs, especially if you acquire your dog in the adult stage. There will be a period of adjustment during your first couple of weeks together, and patience is key to keeping your dog happy. Your new dog will feel a certain level of anxiety when you first bring them home. Remember, your dog does not know why they are in a new home, and they don’t know what they did to get “kicked ” out of their old one. Show them around your house, show them where they eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. If they misbehave for any reason, be patient with them, and they will eventually learn. An adopted dog can be one of the most rewarding pets you can possibly own.


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