When caring for a pet fish, a very important consideration to make is how to feed your fish properly. Many people make the mistake of assuming that caring for fish is not an activity that involves a lot of responsibility. However, there are many things to consider when feeding your fish, which will help you to ensure that your fish are well cared for.

When to Feed

Deciding on the proper time to feed your fish may not seem like an important factor to consider in overall fish care. However, choosing a specific time to feed your fish is highly recommended for proper pet care of your fish. Depending on the species of fish that you are caring for, you may have to adjust your fish’s feeding schedule. Some species of fish are much more comfortable eating at night, while others are content to be fed during daylight hours. Depending on the type (and number) of fish that you have, you may need to adjust your fish’s feeding schedule accordingly. Research the behavioral habits of your species of fish, and decide on a standard feeding time that will best suit their needs.

Where to Feed

Another consideration that you need to make for proper fish feeding is where the best place to feed your fish is. Depending on the species of fish that you have, they may prefer to be fed in a specific area of their tank. Some fish prefer to eat food that floats on the top of the water, while others are more comfortable grazing for food on the bottom of the tank.

Choosing a Fish Food

Depending on the type of fish you are caring for, you may have several different choices when deciding on a fish food formula. Most fish owners do not take into consideration their fish’s dietary type, and do not consider what a fish may have eaten in the wild. In general, most fish can either be classified as carnivores, omnivores or herbivores. In addition to this, you also have to consider you fish’s age when choosing a fish food. Newly hatched fish fry need special food in order to grow properly, while adult fish have different nutritional requirements. There are many different types of fish food to choose from, including flake food, pellet food, liquid food and freeze-dried food.

How much to Feed your Fish

A common mistake that many fish owners make is feeding pet fish an incorrect amount of food. Depending on which specific type of fish you have, you have to make certain considerations about the amount of food that you put into the tank. Too much food will mean that there is excess food left over after your fish are done feeding. This excess food can decay, causing bacteria to grow in your tank. However, if you don’t feed your fish enough food, they will become malnourished. Being nutritionally deficient in certain vitamins is the primary cause of fatal diseases in most fish.


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