The basic concept behind freeze-dried fish food is that in contains entire organisms that are prepared in a way that they can be fed to pet fish. Most freeze-dried fish food formulas are designed to be fed to fish that have special feeding needs, or fish species that aren’t able to have their nutritional needs met by other fish food formulas. The freeze-drying process is able to kill most parasites that may be present, while still preserving the nutritional value and flavor of the organism.

Freeze-dried fish food formulas are very important for the dietary needs of carnivorous fish, since a well-rounded diet of whole organisms is very important. However, most freeze-dried fish food formulas are not designed to be given as a sole source of nutrition for a fish’s diet. Most freeze-dried fish food formulas are better utilized when they are combined with other types of dietary supplements or food ingredients.

Live Fish Food

There are many controversies about feeding a live food diet to fish, though it is generally accepted that most fish will thrive off of a diet consisting of fresh, live ingredients. Feeding your fish a live diet requires a bit more investment in proper fish care, since live organisms often need to be maintained before they are fed to your fish. Finding a supplier of live fish food can also be quite difficult, since many pet stores don’t follow the proper procedures to prevent live food from transmitting certain diseases to fish. There are certain different live organisms that can be fed to fish, though the most popular are usually tubifex  worms and brine shrimp.

  1. Tubifex Worms – The topic of feeding tubifex worms to fish has been the subject of some controversy, since it has been proven that tubifex worms have a high risk of transmitting certain diseases. The reason for this is largely because tubifex worms consume a diet largely consisting of the fecal matter of other fish. This means that tubifex worms may carry any number of diseases, which can be transmitted to fish through ingestion. However, most fish love tubifex worms, and are able to safely consume these organisms as long as proper procedures are followed. After purchasing tubifex worms, it’s best to wash them in water until they are completely clean. Leave the worms overnight in your refridgerator, and check the quality of the water the following morning. If the water is still clear, the worms can be fed to your fish without a significant risk of disease transmission. However, if the water is dirty, repeat this process until the water remains clean.
  2. Brine Shrimp – Brine shrimp are a fairly safe and highly nutritious live organism that can be fed to many types of fish. Brine shrimp are usually available at pet care supply stores that specialize in live food, though they may sometimes be fairly expensive. If you are not able to afford or maintain live brine shrimp, it’s also possible to purchase them in a frozen preparation.


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