An important step in proper dog pet care is bathing your dog on a regular basis, doing so can prevent some serious skin conditions from developing. In addition to this, if your dog has a flea infestation, giving your dog a flea bath represents a significant step forward in completely eradicating the fleas. Fleas can carry disease, infections, and certain types of parasites.

Choose a Shampoo

The first step in giving your dog a bath is to select the right type of shampoo product. If your dog has a short-haired coat, you will usually be able to use a mild shampoo formula without much incident. However, if your dog has a long-haired coat, you will probably have more options to choose from when looking to purchase a shampoo. When it comes down to it, the shampoo product that you choose is dependent largely on the type of fur your dog has, and its general level of maintenance.

Ensure your Dog is Relaxed

An extremely important part of giving your dog a bath is to ensure that your dog is as relaxed as possible. Though many dogs like to be bathed, some dogs may not be entirely comfortable with the idea of getting wet. In order to help prevent this, try socializing your dog with baths, water, and the bathtub. Try leading your dog into the bathtub when it doesn’t have any water in it, and give them a treat if they are able to climb into it on their own. Take your dog outdoors on a hot day, and try getting them wet with a hose. The idea behind these exercises is that you are showing your dog that water is not harmful. If you have a dog that has a genetic predisposition to love water, you will probably not have this problem.

Begin Lathering

For proper pet care, begin your dog’s bath by ensuring that their fur is completely saturated with water. After this is accomplished, cover your dog with the shampoo product. Work the product into a thick lather, being sure to focus special attention to any areas in which your dog is particularly dirty. If you have a long-haired dog, you may need to lather up several times before you are able to clean all of your dog’s fur.

First Rinse

After the first lathering, rinse all of the soap off of your dog’s coat with warm water. Be sure to note if the water runs clear, or if it still appears to be dirty. If this is the case, your dog is not completely clean, and may require several lather-rinse cycles until all of the dirt is free from their fur.


Once your dog is clean, it’s time to get them dry. You can try to dry off your dog by using a hair dryer, though some dogs may not like the sound a hair dryer makes. If this is the case, use several towels to rub your dog’s fur dry. Once your dog’s coat is dry, do a visual inspection for any dirt that may have been left behind.


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