When grooming your dog, there are several different grooming procedures that need to be performed. One of these procedures is the clipping of your dog’s nails. While your dog’s nails may not always need to be trimmed, they still may need to be given some simple maintenance on a regular basis. Taking care of your dog’s nails is very important, and will also help your dog to be much more comfortable.

The first step in clipping your dog’s nails is to select a nail clipping tool. There are some pet care supply stores that carry nail clippers specifically designed for a dog’s nails, since a dog’s nails are extremely thick. Be sure that you purchase fairly high-quality nail clippers, since it is extremely important that they remain sharp. Some less expensive nail clippers will not keep their edge very well, which will result in cracking of your dog’s healthy nail during the trimming process. This can be very painful for your dog, and should be avoided at all costs. Choosing the right type of nail clippers is an important step in clipping your dog’s nails.

Once you have purchased nail clippers, you can start by designating a specific time in which you will trim your dog’s nails. This is best done when your dog is at ease, which can sometimes be right after they have eaten. In order to ensure that your dog cooperates during the nail clipping process, you may have to entice them with a treat or a small dog toy. Try using verbal commands to get your dog to stay still, since most of these verbal commands should signify to your dog that they are about to be rewarded for their cooperation.

Once your dog is relaxed, you can start the actual trimming of your dog’s nails. This is a very delicate process, since a dog’s nail also contains healthy, living tissue (in addition to the ‘dead’ part of the nail. Clipping this healthy tissue can be a very painful experience for your dog, and should ideally be avoided at all costs. Begin by clipping only a small amount of your dog’s nail off, and watching for a response. If your dog does not signify that they are in pain, you can continue cutting their nails on all four paws. Remember that even if your dog is outdoors on a regular basis, your dog’s nails will require maintenance on occasion.

As an optional part of this process, you may also select to use a nail file when clipping your dog’s nails. Since nail clippers tend to leave rather rough edges, you may want to use a nail file in order to smooth out your dog’s nails. This will help your dog be more comfortable after the procedure is over, since their newly cut nails will feel much more “natural”. Trimming your dog’s nails is a precise process, but it is actually an important part of grooming your dog. Regular trimming of your dog’s nails is highly recommended by dog experts everywhere.


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