As a responsible dog owner, it is up to you to ensure that your dog enjoys a happy, healthy and disease-free life. This may involve many different pet care procedures, and may require you to invest a significant amount of time in caring for your dog. A fairly important part of keeping your dog in good health involves regular cleaning of your dog’s ears. Cleaning your dog’s ears is a fairly simple procedure, though many dog owners often neglect this important health procedure. Keeping your dog’s ears clean on a regular basis is a great way to help ensure that your dog has good overall health, and can also help prevent several potentially serious health problems.

The first step in cleaning your dog’s ears is to select a cleaning product. This can be accomplished by visiting a pet supply store, as most of these stores offer a variety of ear cleaning products designed specifically for dogs. When selecting an ear cleaning product for your dog, the first step is to check the ingredients listed in the ear cleaning formula. Try to avoid formulas that contain alcohol, except if your dog has a potentially threatening condition in the ear that requires a powerful disinfectant. Alcohol may sting your dog’s ears, which also means that the cleaning process will be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. If your dog has sensitive skin, it is also important to keep this in mind when selecting a cleaning formula, as some formulas could potentially irritate your dog’s skin.

Once you have selected a cleaning product, it’s time to begin cleaning your dog’s ears! Try to arrange for this procedure to occur when your dog is relaxed, perhaps around bedtime or after a meal. The ear cleaning process can be a strange experience for your dog, so it’s very important to maintain a relaxed atmosphere at all times. Once your dog is settled, begin by preparing the items you will need for the cleaning process. In most cases, all you will need is a cotton swab or cotton ball, the cleaning product, and perhaps some paper towels for easy cleanup.

Every ear cleaning formula is different, though most follow a few simple instructions. Begin by pouring the formula directly into your dog’s ear, filling it with liquid. This will be an odd sensation for your dog, so try to keep them calm at this time. It’s usually best to give your dog some sort of incentive during this procedure, or use the “STAY” command with promise of a treat. After the formula is inside your dog’s ear, begin by lightly massaging the skin around the ear canal. This will allow the formula to fully enter your dog’s ear, and will also loosen any debris in your dog’s ear canal. This should be repeated for approximately thirty seconds, and then you can begin removing the formula from your dog’s ear (using the cotton swabs). Repeat this process on the other ear, until the fluid from your dog’s ears appears to be clean.


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