Similar to their human counterparts, dogs can have their own insurance policy. Although the option has been around for some time now, recently it has become a more popular idea. Around the same time it became popular, prices also decreased, resulting in it becoming more affordable for the average pet owner. In fact, the average dog health insurance policy in today’s market goes for about $25.00 USD a month.

Is Insurance for my Dog Necessary?

Although in certain circumstances dog health insurance has certainly helped out, for the average owner we wouldn’t go as far as saying it is necessary. Like everything in this world, its necessity is dependent on your needs. For example, many healthy insurance policies will cover the purchase price of your dog if it dies prematurely. While this is a great idea for the a breeder who may be breeding highly expensive show dogs, the average residential owner really would not benefit from this.

On the other hand however, if more owners had dog health insurance, they would likely be more inclined to go to the veterinarian. If they can afford it, the average person is far more likely to take the best care of their pet possible.

Overview of General Dog Health Insurance Policies

For the most part, dog care health insurance policies operate very similar to health insurance policies for people. There is usually a basic level of coverage, and a deductible payment is sometimes required. Some dog health insurance policies will cover general examinations, though only offer a discount on prescribed medications. Most dog health insurance policies will include some sort of coverage for expensive surgical procedures, though that is mostly dependent on the type of policy you select for your dog.

Eligibility for your Dog

Unfortunately not all dogs are eligible for insurance policies, and the dogs that are eligible may have certain condition restrictions based on their breed. For example, a Basset Hound has a genetic predisposition to glaucoma, so coverage for glaucoma and it’s treatment will most likely not be covered. Although there are no restricted breeds when signing up for insurance, older dogs, or dogs that are near death may have limited, if any coverage at all.

Finding the Right Insurance Policy for your Dog

There are several companies, with several different policies out on the market. It is essential that you shop around, and find what works best for you and your dog. Keep in mind monthly dues, deductibles, breed restrictions, and coverage. If you have a current veterinarian, be sure that he or she takes the type of coverage you have to avoid complications. Likewise, if you are looking for a new veterinarian, be on the lookout for their policy on insurance.


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